Express Container Service - Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH-1 Manager, Steve Valentino -
10300 Evendale Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: 513-769-8265
Fax: 513-769-6501
Hours: Sunday night 11:30 pm to Friday night 11:30 pm.  Close Friday at 11:30 pm, reopen Saturday 7 am - 12 pm. Closed until Sunday night. Sunday by appointment.


I-75 N to Exit 14 (Woodlawn), turn left.  Turn left at first light (Evendale Drive). At stop sign, turn right.  Turn left at last entrance on left.   I

I-75 S to Exit 14.  Turn right off exit (Glendale Milford Road). At second traffic light, turn left (Evendale Drive).  Go to stop sign and turn right.  Enter entrance on left at last driveway.


  1. Water and steam wash
  2. Detergent wash
  3. Caustic wash
  4. Booster wash
  5. Presolve/solvent washingCincinnati-2
  6. Diesel wash/diesel flushing
  7. Passivation
  8. Polymer washing
  9. Acrylate washing
  10. Food grade washing
  11. Kosher washing
  12. Product heating

Preps Performed:

  1. Pilot prep
  2. PCS prepCincinnati-3
  3. Procter & Gamble prep
  4. Nease prep
  5. Dow prep
  6. Dial prep
  7. All local preps

Maintenance Work

Flagship shop located 0.7 miles away. Full service shop with inspections.